GOCHO Futoshi 4th single "Rock 'n Journey" Feb.3, 2021 release decision !!

GOCHO Futoshi New song "Rock 'n Journey" will start distribution from February 3! The delivery release date of GOCHO Futoshi's 4th single has been decided! The catchy melody that GOCHO Futoshi specializes in and the rock-like arrangement that makes the lyrics of this work easier to image are finished in a song with a sense of exhilaration. Also pay attention to GOCHO's own rock guitar play! Please check it out at each music distribution store and radio program🎧 "Rock 'n Journey" Lyricist: GOCHO Futishi Composer: GOCHO Futishi Aranger: GOCHO Futishi, IGARASHI Kohei It will be available in famous music distribution stores such as the iTunes store, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. The link to each distribution store will be displayed after the delivery release date. ©2021 TF CreativeWorks ℗2021 TF CreativeWorks  



The illustrations on "Bar GOCHO" are now available as apparel!

Official goods of GOCHO Futoshi   Every week, "BAR GOCHO" that GOCHO Futoshi covers famous songs. Among them, apparel printed with the popular "BAR design" has been released! SWEATSHIRT model: H154 Wearing size: Unisy M   LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRT model: H154 Wearing size: Unisy M   T-SHIRT model: H154 Wear size: Ladies M (WM)   Just like the music of GOCHO Futoshi, the handwritten design has a retro feel and cute finish that is conscious of the 80s and 90s. Items include classic T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts and sweatshirts. Please check it out.   ©2020 TF CreativeWorks



Radio "Satty Channel'n" starts broadcasting from January 6!

From Wednesday, January 6, 2021, guitarist Satty will start broadcasting "Satty Channel'n", which is a personality, on three stations: FM Tatsugou, FM Setouchi, and FM Uken! Satty welcomes guests to talk and sessions with artists who are deeply related to them as "help artists" every time. Please look forward to!   Broadcast date: Every Wednesday Air time: 15:30-16:00 (FM Tatsugou has re-broadcast from 19:00) Broadcaster/ Kagoshima Prefecture Community FM "FM Tatsugou", "FM Setouchi", "FM Uken" The first broadcast will be on Wednesday, January 6.   Click here for the program website  


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