GOCHO Futoshi

GOCHO Futoshi "Ai no Hitohira" Aprill 22,2020 Release Decision! !

GOCHO Futoshi 1st SINGLE "Ai no Hitohira" will be released on April 22nd!

GOCHO Futoshi's "Ai no Hitohira" will be distributed at major music distribution 🎉

Cutting guitar, a bass that comes to the clavi that moves violently. The groovy sound is urban soul reminiscent of the 80's. And, the soulful singing voice of GOCHO Futoshi brings in the person who listens together, and it is the first work with the power of the body!

Please check it out🎧

Ai no Hitohira

Lyricist: GOCHO Futoshi

Composer: GOCHO Futoshi

Arranger: GOCHO Futoshi, IGARASHI Kouhei

Available in major music distribution stores such as the iTunes store, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

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★ pre-orders will begin on the iTunes store from April 15♪


-GOCHO Futoshi
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