Born in Osaka Prefecture. He started dancing when he was in the fourth grade, and after working as a dancer in his hometown Osaka as a student, he started his career as an idol in Tokyo.
After winning second place in Japan in a global audition for a live-streaming app, he became a model for Harajuku in Tokyo and Hongdae in Korea.
After working as an idol for about two years, he is now based in Osaka and also works as a dancer.

Hobbies and special skills: Watching movies, looking at the scenery
Favorite music: HipHop




[Jan. 14 - 21] AshMellow "Ride On Time" release celebration song sharing campaign

Those who share the song "Ride On Time" on Twitter or Instagram with their thoughts will be entered into a drawing to win a "Slide On Time" can case, which can be used to stylishly store ramune and other grainy snacks, as well as accessories that are easy ...

Ride On Time - AshMellow

AshMellow Recommendation (En) RELEASE (En)

AshMellow "Ride On Time" January 14, 2022

AshMellow - Ride On Time   "Ride On Time" is out now. Released on: 2022-1-14 This is a hip-hop track with the essence of 90's soul music and AshMellow's lyricism of trying to move forward despite his worries. Lyricist: AshMellowComposer: RillsoulArranger: ...

Ride On Time - AshMellow


AshMellow Single "Ride On Time" Jan.14 Release !

AshMellow will release the 1st single "Ride On Time" on January 14. A hiphop with a 90's feel and AshMellow's lyricism of trying to move on despite his worries. Please check out the music distribution store🎧 Lyricist: AshMellowComposer: Rillsoul Arranger: ...


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