Born in Osaka Prefecture. He started dancing when he was in the fourth grade, and after working as a dancer in his hometown Osaka as a student, he started his career as an idol in Tokyo.
After winning second place in Japan in a global audition for a live-streaming app, he became a model for Harajuku in Tokyo and Hongdae in Korea.
After working as an idol for about two years, he is now based in Osaka and also works as a dancer.

Hobbies and special skills: Watching movies, looking at the scenery
Favorite music: HipHop



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AshMellow "Presented by 音色 Shinnosuke & ISHIKAWA Marie 'Everlasting Love' & DI-RAY 'Way Of Life' RELEASE PARTY - BEAT JUNGLE- " Live performance is scheduled

AshMellow will perform "Presented by 音色 Shinnosuke & ISHIKAWA Marie 'Everlasting Love' & DI-RAY 'Way Of Life' RELEASE PARTY - BEAT JUNGLE- " at Zeela, Umeda, Osaka on Sunday, July 10 ! For details, please check the web pages of eplus, TwitCasting, ...



[4/15~4/22] AshMellow "I'm Fine","One More Dance","Ride On Time"music video release celebration song sharing campaign

Those who share their impressions of "I'm Fine," "One More Dance," and "Ride On Time" MVs (or any one of the three songs) released on April 15 on Twitter or Instagram will win a clear mini key ring!The clear keychain is made of cool looking acrylic, perfe ...

One More Dance - AshMellow

AshMellow Recommendation (En) RELEASE (En)

AshMellow "One More Dance" April 15, 2022

AshMellow - One More Dance   "One More Dance" is out now. Released on: 2022-4-15 In this suffocating world, time passes surprisingly fast. The world is going to end soon, but if that day is tomorrow, I want to dance with you. This J-Rap song depicts such ...


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