Born in Japan from a Japanese mother and an American weather, Emily great up listening to her parents' jazz and rock CDs from the 50s through to the present day. Together it was Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin or Amy Winehouse, she found inspiration in all genres and styles, finally picking up her other's guitar for the first time at the age of 15.

After stints studying in San Francisco, California and Alicante, Spin in high school and college, the mix of old world art and new world innovations pushed her into new musical directions.

Back in Tokyo, in 2018 Emily Began to create a buzz from her heartfelt renditions and stage performances of rock and roll classics. In 2019, Emily Started Sharing Visual Arts with Musical Production, Using Borderless Themes to Create Genre-Busting Dance Tunes. Creation bubbles up from pop culture to traditional art – Emily's style mix. This is a new talent for the next generation.

Blood type / A
Love / Acoustic Guitar, Salsa dance, Spanish, Body and face paint, Fitness
Favorite music / Classic Rock, New Wave, Jazz Vocal, Soul, R&B, Reggaeton




Emily TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 Vol.2


Emily will appear in "TFCW Summer EVENT Vol.2" on Friday, August 23! Emily will appear at TFCW Summer EVENT Vol.2 on Friday, August 23. Please come to the venue! The details of the event are here.


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