HATTORI Kunihiro



Born in Tokyo in 1970 To this day, he has been responsible for concerts and tours by a wide range of artists. Specialists who play an active role in a wide range of events, from music to sporting events


Concerts and tours (partial excerpts)

2018 BLACKPINK "BLACKPINK ARENA TOUR 2018" (7 performances at 3 locations nationwide)
2018 Shota Shimizu "SHOTA SHIMIZU LIVE TOUR 2018" (15 locations and 19 performances nationwide)
2018 Kana Matsui "Matsui Kana Fan Club Live : SPICA TOUR 2018" (8 performances at 4 locations nationwide)

2017 Shota Shimizu "Shota Shimizu LIVE TOUR 2017 -Arena-" (13 performances at 12 locations nationwide)
2017 BIGBANG "BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017 -LAST DANCE-" (14 performances at4 locations nationwide)
2017 Rena Matsui "Rena Matsui Fan Club Live 2017 " SPICA TOUR" (6 performances at 3 locations nationwide)

2016 Shota Shimizu "Shota Shimizu LIVE TOUR 2016" (16 locations and 17 performances nationwide)
2016 Momoiro Clover Z "MOMOIRO CLOVER Z DOME TREK 2016 "AMARANTHUS/ Dawn of Platinum" (9 performances at 5 locations nationwide)
2016 BIGBANG "BIGBANG WORLD TO[MADE]UR 2015 in JAPAN" (16 performances at 4 locations nationwide)

2015 DREAMS COME TRUE et al. "MBS Presents My Dream" The Live in Expo Park - Osaka LOVERS SPECIAL" (Expo Memorial Park / HY, Daichi Miura, MayJ, etc.)
2015 BIGBANG "BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014 -2015 X" (15 performances at 5 locations nationwide)

2014 Shota Shimizu "Shota Shimizu LIVE TOUR 2014" (14 locations and 18 performances nationwide)
2014 BIGBANG "BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013-2014" (16 performances at 6 locations nationwide)

2013 Shota Shimizu "Shota Shimizu MELODY TOUR 2013" (16 performances at 13 locations nationwide)
2013 Mai Kuraki "Mai Kuraki COUNTDOWN LIVE 13-14" Once-in-a-year meeting! (Pasifico Yokohama)

2012 Shota Shimizu "Shota Shimizu Naturally Tour 2012" (18 performances at 15 locations nationwide)
2012 Mai Kuraki "Mai Kuraki Live Tour 2012 OVER THE RAINBOW" (16 performances in 16 locations nationwide)

Events (partial excerpts)

2018 SATR ISLAND 2018 (Tokyo ODAIBA STAR ISLAND in Daiba Seaside Park)
2017 MBS Sound Festival 2017 "Victor Rock Festival" (Osaka Castle Hall / Leo Ieiri, Reiko Ohara, Takehara Pistol, Sakura Fujiwara, LOVE PSYCHEDELICO) 2016 MBS Sound Festival
2016 65th Anniversary Special supported by uP!!! (Osaka Castle Hall/E-girls, Kyarypamyupamyu, T.M.Revolution, etc.)
2015 a-nation "a-nation island & stadium fes.2015 Resort Stage"
2014 uP!!! Presents MBS Sound Festival 2014- MBS Music Week (Osaka Castle Hall/AAA, T.M.Revolution, DREAMS COME TRUE, Morning Musume) '14 and others)
2013 New Japan Pro Wrestling "Wrestle Kingdom VII." in Tokyo Dome
2012 5000 people's ninth concert (Ryogoku Kokugikan)


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