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Chillout Music "City" music by MIZUNO Haruma released on April 28, 2021!!

Album "City" starts distribution from April 28!

This is the second in a series that gathers chilly songs from the TF CreativeWorks label. This work is by sound creator MIZUNO Haruma, and electronic and gentle songs are when you want to take a break, or when you want to be wrapped in a calm song.

City - MIZUNO Haruma

Album "City"

Composer: MIZUNO Haruma
Arranger: MIZUNO Haruma

Illustration by SUGIMOTO Saki

-  recorded music -

  1. Starry Sky
  2. Orange Ocean
  3. Windy Hill
  4. Promenade
  5. Violet Sky
  6. Marvelous Gift
  7. Hello, Mr. Rose Moon
  8. Whisper River
  9. Cheerful Rain
  10. City

It will be available in well-known music distribution stores such as iTunes Store, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.

Links to each delivery store will be displayed on the delivery release date.


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℗2021 TF CreativeWorks

Illustration ©2021 SUGIMOTO Saki


PROFILE ARRANGER / SONGWRITER September 7, 1985 Born in Kanagawa, Japan Hobbies: Maincraft, looking at the sky Music I listen to a lot : Japanese music, anything from classics to contemporary music. WORKS Take me back -Tanaka Mitsuaki- Arangement   NEWS   CONTACT



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