AshMellow Single "One More Dance" April 15 Release !

AshMellow will release the single "One More Dance" on April 15!

One More Dance - AshMellow

Time passes surprisingly fast in this suffocating world. If the world were to end soon, if that day were tomorrow, I would dance with you. Please check out J-Rap, which depicts such pure feelings, on the music distribution store 🎧.

Lyricist: AshMellow
Composer: Rillsoul
Arranger: Rillsoul

It will be distributed in famous music distribution stores such as iTunes store, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.

This single is a re-release of a previously released single under a different name.

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AshMellow | PROFILE

PROFILE RAPPER / SINGER / SONGWRITER Born in Osaka Prefecture. He started dancing when he ...


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