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Guest Kouyamoyu and talk! Radio 'Satty Channel'n' June 12, 2021 Broadcast

Radio 'Satty Channel'n' broadcast on June 12

Guitarist Satty sends talks and sessions with help artists (guests) "Satty Channel'n". Broadcasted on June 12, 2021.

This time, the song that She had a session with the guest help artist ▶️
communication / Sneo hair

Music broadcasted this time ▶️
Sono Ichinichi / Kouyamoyu



Sattyチャンネルん ギタリストSattyが毎回「お助けアーティスト」として縁の深いアーティストをゲストにお迎えして、トークやセッションをお送りします。 毎週土曜日 19:00- ...



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