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November 30(Sat) Tokyo/PetitMOA "About the rain in November"!

November 30 (Sat) Tokyo /PetitMOA Amami MAYASCO Presents -AMAMI Relation LIVE- "About the rain in November" About the rain in November TANAKA Mitsuaki is going to perform at the following live performances. Amami MAYASCO presents -AMAMI Relation LIVE- "Ab ...


TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki October 19 Rainbow Town FM "Synchro to Shin Amami !" ×Tower Records collaboration event appearance

Date and time of the event Saturday, October 19, 2019, 13:00-15:00 A place to go Tower Records Kinshi-cho PARCO Store In-store Event Space Starring Akira Hirata, Nami Makioka, ORICA, TANAKA Mitsuaki Special Guest / Chazu Event Schedules 13:00 - Akira Hira ...



Emily TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 Vol.2

Emily will appear in "TFCW Summer EVENT Vol.2" on Friday, August 23! Emily will appear at TFCW Summer EVENT Vol.2 on Friday, August 23. Please come to the venue! The details of the event are here.

TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 vol.2

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August 23 (Friday) "TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 Vol.2" held!

The second edition of "TFCW Summer EVENT 2019" will be held at Tokyo/Okubo HOT SHOT on Friday, August 23! TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 is an event organized by TF Creative Works, a production of artists and creators who create entertainment content such as musi ...

TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki July 5 Event Appearance Information!!

July 5 (Friday) Tokyo / Shinjuku HEAD POWER "Ever Forward vol.3" Ever Award vol.3 Mitsuaki Tanaka will appear in Shinjuku HEAD POWER "Ever Forward vol.3" Mitsuaki Tanaka will also perform his new song "STORY"! Please come and see us! Date and Time July 5, ...


TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki June 14 Event Appearance Information!!

June 14 (Friday) Tokyo / Shimokitazawa Rhapsody "ONE PRICE LIVE 1" Pop Rock Idol Classic Enka One artist audience beyond genres Enjoy the music LIVE It's ONE PRICE LIVE TANAKA Mitsuaki will appear in Shimokitazawa Rhapsody "ONE PRICE LIVE 1". Date and Tim ...