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November 30(Sat) Tokyo/PetitMOA "About the rain in November"!

November 30 (Sat) Tokyo /PetitMOA Amami MAYASCO Presents -AMAMI Relation LIVE- "About the rain in November" About the rain in November TANAKA Mitsuaki is going to perform at the following live performances. Amami MAYASCO presents -AMAMI Relation LIVE- "About the rain in November" at PetitMOA, East Shinjuku, Tokyo. This is a music event where artists from Amami-Oshima gather. Please come and see us! Appearances TANAKA Mitsuaki, Daisuke Fujimoto, Shiroisa, Yuzuhana, Keigo Nishi Date and Time November 30, 2019 OPEN 7:00 p.m. START 7:30 p.m. Venues Tokyo/PetitMOA https://petitmoa.jp/ 2-19-10 B1F, Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Access: 3 minutes' walk from Exit A1 of Higashi-Shinjuku Station on the Oedo Line Tickets 3,000 yen on the day (drinks are not included) You need to apply for a ticket from here. Ticket Order Please pay for the ticket at the venue. Contact Us MAYASCO 090-3662-0110


TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki October 19 Rainbow Town FM "Synchro to Shin Amami !" ×Tower Records collaboration event appearance

Date and time of the event Saturday, October 19, 2019, 13:00-15:00 A place to go Tower Records Kinshi-cho PARCO Store In-store Event Space Starring Akira Hirata, Nami Makioka, ORICA, TANAKA Mitsuaki Special Guest / Chazu Event Schedules 13:00 - Akira Hirata, ORICA, TANAKA Mitsuaki 13:40 - Autograph session 15:00 - Akira Hirata, Nami Makioka 15:40 - Signing session 16:00 - Chazu Sign session (13:00 - Live painting behind the stage) How to participate Viewing-free On the day of the event, customers who purchase CDs and products will be asked to sign autographs after the concert. Products eligible for the event Akira Hirata Oct.19 release new score Performers CD Illustrator Chazu's husband and a little away from the island life Note: There are no lockers or cloakes in the venue. Please manage your baggage at your own risk. Eating and drinking in the store is prohibited. There is a case that there is a change or cancellation of the contents of the event due to circumstances. Please understand in advance. Contact: Tower Records Kinshi-cho PARCO 03-6659-9381 (10:00-21:00)



Emily TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 Vol.2

Emily will appear in "TFCW Summer EVENT Vol.2" on Friday, August 23! Emily will appear at TFCW Summer EVENT Vol.2 on Friday, August 23. Please come to the venue! The details of the event are here.

TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 vol.2

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August 23 (Friday) "TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 Vol.2" held!

The second edition of "TFCW Summer EVENT 2019" will be held at Tokyo/Okubo HOT SHOT on Friday, August 23! TFCW Summer EVENT 2019 is an event organized by TF Creative Works, a production of artists and creators who create entertainment content such as music and video. With the last popularity, the decision to hold the second series! ! Date and Time August 23, 2019 OPEN 18:30 START 7:00 p.m. Venues Tokyo/Okubo HOT Shot http://homepage3.gourmet.coocan.jp/ Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1-17-7 Okubo Building A Building B1F Access/JR Sobu Line Okubo Station about 1 minute walk JR Yamanote Line Shin-Okubo Station about 3 minutes' walk Tickets Advance sale 2,000 yen (click here to purchase tickets) 2,500 yen on the day of the event A separate order of 1Drink is required at the venue on both days of advance sales. Appearances TANAKA Mitsuaki and more... < 8/16 Additional > Emily's appearance is decided! Remarks and Notes Note: On the day of the event, the venue is non-smoking on the floor. Organized by TF Creative Works

TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki July 5 Event Appearance Information!!

July 5 (Friday) Tokyo / Shinjuku HEAD POWER "Ever Forward vol.3" Ever Award vol.3 Mitsuaki Tanaka will appear in Shinjuku HEAD POWER "Ever Forward vol.3" Mitsuaki Tanaka will also perform his new song "STORY"! Please come and see us! Date and Time July 5, 2019 OPEN 16:25 START 16:40 Mitsuaki Tanaka's appearance time is scheduled to be 20 minutes. Venues Tokyo/Shinjuku HEAD POWER https://headpower.tokyo/ Okubo 2-5-19 City Plaza Okubo B1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Access/ Oedo Line, Sub-Tokyo Line Higashi-Shinjuku Station About 2 minutes' walk Sub-Tokyo Line Nishi-Waseda Station about 3 minutes' walk Tickets Advance sale 3,000 yen (separately, 1Drink is required at the venue) 3,500 yen on the day (separately, 1Drink is required at the venue) Click here to purchase advance tickets For those who purchase from the above site, there is a privilege from Mitsuaki Tanaka! (We will send you benefits with the message function of the Peatix app the day after the live) Appearances MRS / Smack Down / Yukino / Shinjo Shinsai / Nishimori Asagi / May Shibuya / SHU / Tysei / Kohei Maeda / Takumi Ichikawa / Hikoki Iwai / Wataru Ochiai / Tobotoru / PRIZE OUT / Tanaka Mitsuaki


TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki June 14 Event Appearance Information!!

June 14 (Friday) Tokyo / Shimokitazawa Rhapsody "ONE PRICE LIVE 1" Pop Rock Idol Classic Enka One artist audience beyond genres Enjoy the music LIVE It's ONE PRICE LIVE TANAKA Mitsuaki will appear in Shimokitazawa Rhapsody "ONE PRICE LIVE 1". Date and Time June 14, 2019 OPEN 18:30 START 7:00 p.m. TANAKA Mitsuaki's appearance time is scheduled to be 25 minutes. Venues Tokyo/Shimokitazawa Rhapsody http://rhapsody.tokyo/ Kitazawa 2-1-7 Housing Kitazawa Building II.5F, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Access: About 3 minutes' walk from the southwest and east exits of Shimokitazawa Station on the Odakyu Line, and the central exit of Shimokitazawa Station on the Inoto Line Appearances Singer Chiaki / Hayaki / Tanaka Mitsuaki / others Click here to purchase tickets For those who purchase from the above site, there is a privilege from TANAKA Mitsuaki! (You will receive a reward to your registered email address the day after the live performance.)