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ロックンジャーニー ジャケット

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GOCHO Futoshi "Rock'n Journey" Feb.03, 2021

GOCHO Futoshi  NEW SINGLE  "Rock'n Journey"   "Rock'n Journey" is out now. Released on: 2021-02-03 It is a pleasant song with a catchy melody by GOCHO Futoshi and a rock-style arrangement that makes the lyrics of this work more exciting. Lyricist: GOCHO FutoshiComposer: GOCHO FutoshiArranger: GOCHO Futoshi ,IGARASHI Kouhei ©2021 TF CreativeWorks℗2021 TF CreativeWorks The lyrics can be found here. (Japanese lyrics only) The song is now available on major music distribution stores such as iTunes store, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, etc.🎧 LISTEN NOW   Streaming   ...

伍町太志「ブルー・アンブレラ」starring ayu jin vlog edition

GOCHO Futoshi Recommendation (En)

New version video of "Blue Umbrella" by GOCHO Futoshi to be released

Blue Umbrella We will release a new version video of GOCHO Futoshi's single "Blue Umbrella". Please look forward to! "Blue Umbrella" starring ayu jin vlog edition It is a new edition that shot "Blue Umbrella" with JAZZ dance and delicate shades expressed by dancer Ayu Jin. By all means, please take a look.   Published: Wednesday, 10 February 2021 Release on Apple Music, YouTube MUSIC and other major music video distribution stores  

ロックンジャーニー ジャケット

GOCHO Futoshi

GOCHO Futoshi 4th single "Rock 'n Journey" Feb.3, 2021 release decision !!

GOCHO Futoshi New song "Rock 'n Journey" will start distribution from February 3! The delivery release date of GOCHO Futoshi's 4th single has been decided! The catchy melody that GOCHO Futoshi specializes in and the rock-like arrangement that makes the lyrics of this work easier to image are finished in a song with a sense of exhilaration. Also pay attention to GOCHO's own rock guitar play! Please check it out at each music distribution store and radio program🎧 "Rock 'n Journey" Lyricist: GOCHO Futishi Composer: GOCHO Futishi Aranger: GOCHO Futishi, ...



GOCHO Futoshi "Kokokara Uchu" Released on Oct.21, 2020

GOCHO Futoshi 3rd SINGLE "Kokokara Uchu" "Kokokara Uchu" is out now. Released on: 2020-10-21 This is a soul music that expresses "now", a time of anxiety and sweet and sour adolescence from GOCHO Futoshi's point of view, with the lyrics of floating sound. Lyricist: GOCHO Futoshi Composer: GOCHO Futoshi Arranger: GOCHO Futoshi, IGARASHI Kouhei ©2020 TF CreativeWorks ℗2020 TF CreativeWorks Click here for the lyrics Available in major music distribution stores such as iTunes Store, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music🎧 LISTEN NOW Streaming Download Video

FM愛媛 10月度パワープッシュに決定!

GOCHO Futoshi

GOCHO Futoshi new single "Kokokara Uchu" FM Ehime Decided to Power Push In October!

2020/10/1    ,

"Kokokara Uchu" will be in heavy rotation on FM Ehime's "Groovy Radio Caravan" in October! FM Ehime Every Monday to Friday 13:30-16:55 (Friday only 13:40-16:55) programs, "Groovy Radio Caravan" has been decided to power push in October! Check it out, everyone! FM Ehime "Groovy Radio Caravan"   2020.10.21 Release "Kokokara Uchu"