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TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki July.1 - July.5 Radio Appearances

From Monday, July 1 to Friday, July 5, guests will appear on five FM stations in Shizuoka Prefecture! TANAKA Mitsuaki will appear on 5 programs on Community FM in Shizuoka Prefecture.     "STORY" is about to be released, and "BLOOM" released in August is also on-air. Please look forward to!   July 1 (Monday) "Yuraji Suna Raji" (Shizuoka FM-Hi!) 16:30-18:30 Live July 2nd (Tue) "Twilight Beach" (Numazu,COST-FM) 16:00-19:00 Live Broadcast July 3 (Wed.) "g-sky Evening JAM" (Shimada, g-sky76.5) 16:30-19:00 Live July 4 (Thursday) "Fujiyama sunset" (Gotemba, Mt. Fuji GOGO ...

TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki July.5 Event Appearance Information!!

July 5 (Friday) Tokyo / Shinjuku HEAD POWER "Ever Forward vol.3" Ever Award vol.3 Mitsuaki Tanaka will appear in Shinjuku HEAD POWER "Ever Forward vol.3" Mitsuaki Tanaka will also perform his new song "STORY"! Please come and see us! Date and Time July 5, 2019 OPEN 16:25 START 16:40 Mitsuaki Tanaka's appearance time is scheduled to be 20 minutes. Venues Tokyo/Shinjuku HEAD POWER https://headpower.tokyo/ Okubo 2-5-19 City Plaza Okubo B1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Access/ Oedo Line, Sub-Tokyo Line Higashi-Shinjuku Station About 2 minutes' walk Sub-Tokyo Line Nishi-Waseda Station about 3 minutes' ...


TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki's New song "STORY" 30 seconds trailer released!


30-second trailer of TANAKA Mitsuaki's new song "STORY" was released ahead of digital distribution. You can listento the full version ahead of the live event starring TANAKA Mitsuaki on the radio "Mitsuaki Note" Personality "Mitsuaki Note" Click here for "Mitsuaki Note" on-air information Live events Click here for information on your appearance at the live event. TANAKA Mitsuaki's website


TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki June.14 Event Appearance Information!!

June 14 (Friday) Tokyo / Shimokitazawa Rhapsody "ONE PRICE LIVE 1" Click here to purchase tickets for ONE PRICE LIVE 1, which will be held on Friday, June 14, 2019 in Rapsodi, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Pop Rock Idol Classic Enka One artist audience beyond genres Enjoy the music LIVE It's ONE PRICE LIVE TANAKA Mitsuaki will appear in Shimokitazawa Rhapsody "ONE PRICE LIVE 1". Date and Time June 14, 2019 OPEN 18:30 START 7:00 p.m. TANAKA Mitsuaki's appearance time is scheduled to be 25 minutes. Venues Tokyo/Shimokitazawa Rhapsody http://rhapsody.tokyo/ Kitazawa 2-1-7 ...


TANAKA Mitsuaki

TANAKA Mitsuaki April.16 Event Appearance Information!!

On Tuesday, April 16, she will appear in "Nostagic Night" in Tokyo/Okubo HOT SHOT. April 16 (Tue) Tokyo/Okubo HOT SHOT momoko pre. Nosalgic Night - What You Wanted to Tell Me" OPEN 18:00/START 19:00 CHARGE: 2,000+1D Performed by TANAKA Mitsuaki / Chiaki / Spice of Peace / Kanami / chanu / Masaya Maruoka / Masayuki Sato Tokyo/Okubo HOT SHOT http://homepage3.gourmet.coocan.jp/ Click here to purchase tickets